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Custom Moulding and Trim

We Got What You Need!

With hundreds of mouldings in-stock, you can bet that we’ve got what you need available. If by chance we don’t have it in-stock, we can most likely get it by next day.

No matter the project, our knowledgeable employees are able to design and build your dreams. Our showroom displays will help you define your vision and, if you’re wondering how you’re going to get it home, Decorative Woods reliable delivery service is at your disposal.

Your home should complement your lifestyle, and the products you choose should reflect your personal taste. Come to our showroom to see our selection and create the custom home of your dreams. Get a free quote today!

Decorative Woods

Custom Design Guarantee

We can help you select the moulding that coincides with any look or design that you are trying to accomplish. You can provide us with inspiration photos, specs, or blueprints and we can do the rest. 


Custom Moulding


Custom Moulding

Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

We take pride in providing the best quality goods and services at competitive prices.

High Quality

We provide the best quality materials available for all budget ranges.


With most of our staff having worked here for 20+ years, we are very knowledgeable in the materials and services we offer.

We Offer Contractor Pricing

Free Estimates!

Are you a contractor that needs a material quote on a current job? We can work with your plans and spec books to provide an accurate quote. We can show up in person or consult over the phone. Interested?

Need a Quote?

Interested in Base CapsCasing Base MouldingsBattensPanel MouldingCrown Moulding?

Regardless of the style, type of wood, or design we can build and match any look you are trying to accomplish. You can provide us with inspiration photos, specs, or blueprints and we can do the rest. Fill out the form for a quote today.

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